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LLang Brand

'LLang', for which the one-syllable sound brightly rings as it is pronounced, is originated from a Chines character 'lang', a mysterious character that contains meaning of the moon (月). 'LLang' stands for the skin with a gorgeous glow like the moon, clear and bright aura, vitality, and luster. It contains the image of red ginseng cosmetics that restores natural, beautiful skin with Cheong Kwan Jang's precious 6-year-old red ginseng as well as Korean oriental medicinal herbs from contract cultivation.

LLang Philosophy


Red aura from the energy of 6-year-old red ginseng contributes to balance and harmony in the skin

Koreans have a determined and enlightened sensibility of nature, while maintaining their fundamental strength with nature. The ancestors of Korea, who pursued inner composure and peace over external wealth and glamour, enjoyed an amazing powerful balance based on the virtue of natural harmony. Among the natural formulas, red ginseng is the most compelling one throughout thousands of years of history. Red ginseng, which radiates red aura from an energy from fertile land and 6 years of concentrated energy, has been considered the most precious prescription in oriental medicine throughout its long history through modern days.

LLang, the first red ginseng cosmetics launched in 2011, provides Redgin Science as a solution for women's skin problems in dullness and imbalance that are caused by daily stress, environmental pollution, and excessive external irritation. Redgin Science utilizes the efficacy of red ginseng through the exquisite combination of the oriental secret formulas from both the ancestral wisdom and the latest cosmetic technology. This is a new generation skin science through which the skin care works at the very foundation in order to promote clear, healthy skin by maintaining balance in the skin.

LLang Skin Care

LLang claims to be genuine red ginseng cosmetics and inherits the spirit of oriental medicine which prescribes red ginseng along with other medicinal herbs dependent on an individual;s symptoms. Redgin Science provides skin solutions for each skin condition by using precious 6-year-old red ginseng from a strict contract cultivation as well as oriental herbs from Korea. It also provides customized formulas in order to regain true balance in the skin through customized beauty care that gives a bright, gorgeous skin tone.

All of LLang's products contain 6-year-old red ginseng and oriental medicinal herbs that are guaranteed by Korea Ginseng Corp. This mark signifies that the product uses safe, traditional ingredients provided by Korea Ginseng Corp. and passed a thorough quality test.